Derma Innovate is in the final phase to commercialize its hair regeneration system.

Derma Innovate, a leader in the development of hair regeneration solutions, is in the final stage of its project to launch a revolutionary hair regeneration system on the market. The company has developed a hair photostimulation technology that has shown promising results in enhancing hair growth and improving the efficacy of hair transplants.

Derma Innovate's technology is based on a system consisting of a culture medium, a photosensitive compound and an automated device for ex vivo stimulation of hair follicles. Through a rigorous research and development process, the company validated the efficacy of this technology in a first clinical trial in collaboration with the Ramón y Cajal Institute for Health Research (IRYCIS). Currently, we already have the first prototype, developed in collaboration with the Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (ITC), for hair transplantation that integrates the company's technology.

Derma Innovate has signed a collaboration agreement with Clínica Esbeltia, a highly recognized aesthetic and hair transplant clinic in Malaga. The objective of this collaboration is to carry out a clinical trial to validate the prototype developed in conjunction with the Canary Islands Technological Institute (ITC). The experience and prestige of Esbeltia Clinic in the field of hair transplants guarantee a rigorous and reliable evaluation of the new hair regeneration system.

"At Derma Innovate, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that improve patients' quality of life and reduce the costs associated with hair treatments," said Youness Ouahid, CEO of Derma Innovate. "We are excited about the progress made so far and are confident that our hair regeneration system will have a significant impact on the field of hair health. "Derma Innovate's hair regeneration system aims to provide an effective and safe solution for patients seeking to improve hair density and growth. With its innovative approach and promising results obtained in initial clinical trials, Derma Innovate is positioned as a benchmark in the hair regeneration industry.